Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Reserve Year list.......

With the new addition to my family due in the next 13 days aswell as other commitments i decided to do my birding more local to home this year and challenged myself with a St Gothian Sands NR Yearlist. Im counting species that are seen inside and from within the boundary of the Reserve, that being the road to the south, The Red River to the east, the sand bank to the north and the caravan park fence boundary to the west. Ive managed to miss some good birds this year already, not least the Snowy Owl! Didn't catch up with the snow buntings either but having totted up the years total so far i was surprised to find i'd seen 94 species on or from the reserve. Common Whitethroat and Whimbrel were new additions over the last few days.

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